Specialty Steel is a licensed distributor of AR400 ground stock for McMaster-Carr®. The nickel and molybdenum content gives AR400 carbon steel the ability to resist wear better than all other carbon steels. It’s often used as wear strips, liners and deflector plates. Typical Yield Strength is 140,000 PSI, and material is supplied in the hardened condition.

ThickThick. TolerancePart Number
2″ Wd.
1/4″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T21
3/8″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T25
1/2″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T29
2 1/2″ Wd.
1/4″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T22
3/8″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T26
1/2″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T31
3″ Wd.
1/4″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T23
3/8″ -0.02″ to 0.02″1607T27
1/2″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T32
4″ Wd.
1/4″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T24
3/8″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T28
1/2″-0.02″ to 0.02″1607T33

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