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Metric Steel

Specialty Steel Company is one of the largest metric steel distributors in the U.S. Call or Email Us for a Quote. We stock an in-depth inventory of metrics in alloys, stainless steels, chrome plated bars, threaded rod and keystock. We offer inventory in standard 10/12 Ft Random Lengths.

4140 & 4150 Heat Treated TGP (Rc 28/34) Alloy Shafting

Rounds (in metrics)

4MM 10MM 16MM 22MM 28MM 140MM 70MM
5MM 11MM 17MM 23MM 30MM 45MM 80MM
12MM 18MM 24MM 32MM 50MM 90MM
7MM 13MM 19MM 25MM 35MM 55MM 100MM
8MM 14MM 20MM 26MM 36MM 60MM
9MM 15MM 21MM 27MM 38MM 65MM

316L TGP Stainless Steel Shafting

Rounds (in metrics)

5MM 10MM 15MM 20MM 35MM
5MM 12MM 16MM 25MM 40MM
8MM 14MM 18MM 30MM

Duplex Stainless TGP Shafting

Rounds (in metrics)

20MM 30MM 50MM 70MM 90MM
25MM 40MM 60MM 80MM

SHAFTING Induction Hardened Chrome Plated (I.H.C.P.) Shafting

Rounds (in metrics)

12MM 20MM 30MM 40MM 80MM
15MM 25MM 35MM 50MM

Chrome Plated Only(C.P.O.) SHAFTING

Rounds (in metrics)

10MM 20MM 30MM 40MM 70MM
12MM 25MM 35MM 50MM

B7 Threaded Rod, High Strength Alloy, Roll Threaded Bar Stock

Diameter (MM) Thread Pitch Diameter (MM) Thread Pitch
4MM .7 20MM 2.50
5MM .8 22MM 2.50
6MM 1.00 24MM 3.00
8MM 1.25 27MM 3.00
10MM 1.50 30MM 3.50
12MM 1.75 33MM 3.50
14MM 2.00 36MM 4.00
16MM 2.00 36MM 4.00
18MM 2.50

4140 Cold Finished Annealed Bar Stock

Squares (in metrics)

20MM 40MM
25MM 50MM

Flats (in metrics)

20MM x100MM 25MM x125MM

1018 CD Keystock Carbon Steel Bar Stock

Squares (in metrics) offered as undersized tolerance

5MM 10MM 15MM 20MM 32MM 45MM
6MM 12MM 16MM 25MM 35MM 50MM
8MM 14MM 18MM 30MM 40MM
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