We stock this particular stainless grade in a Lean Duplex (2101) that exhibits equal parts Austenite and Ferrite. Call or Email Us For a Free Quote. The material is provided with a “non-bright” finish. This grade provides the excellent corrosion resistance of an Austenitic Stainless and a greater resistance to Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC), in Sulfide and Chloride environments, than 410 and 416. Material is offered in standard plate and sheet sizes of 48″ and 120″. Inquire on all Hi-Def Plasma cutting jobs.

Typical Mechanical Properties
Brinnell Hardness – 290 BHN Max.
Tensile Strength – 94,000 PSI
Yield Strength – 65,000 PSI
Finish – Non-Bright


14 Gauge 3/16″ 3/8″
10 Gauge 1/4″ 1/2″


48″ x 120″

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